The only Dedicated Commercial And Homeland Security And Public Safety Event In West Africa

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The only Dedicated Commercial And Homeland Security And Public Safety Event In West Africa

Centurion Systems (Pty) Ltd

Stand number: E8
Sector: MANUFACTURING - Access Control and Automation ,Perimeter Security , Access Control Systems

Company address: 196A Isale Eko Avenue, Dolphin Estate Ikoyi Lagos

Centurion Systems manufactures a diverse and award-winning range of products to control the access of people and vehicles into and out of residential, commercial and industrial properties. The company’s products which have been designed to maximise users’ security and convenience are currently exported to over 70 countries worldwide. With a track record of reliability spanning three decades, CENTURION is the automatic choice in gate automation and access control.

In 2016, CENTURION became a member of the largest access automation brand in the world, FAAC, S.p.A, marking the beginning of a powerful partnership poised towards serving an even wider range of automation needs.

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D5 - Evo

The evolution of the tried and tested D5 500kg gate motor for domestic and light-industrial applications. Incorporating battery backup you can bank on, potent push force and an intelligent LCD controller for easy setup, not to mention a plethora of features all tailor-made for the ultimate in security and convenience, the CENTURION D5-Evo is the apex predator of gate motors – it simply has no competition and no equal.f

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So much thought has been put into every aspect of the CENTURION D10 industrial sliding gate motor that we’ll have to wait for technology to catch up before we can make any improvements! The CENTURION D10 industrial sliding gate motor uses a battery-driven high-torque 24V DC motor, coupled to a robust gearbox to provide an access automation system that is quick, powerful and battery backed up – perfect for industrial and commercial applications where heavy gates are installed. Easy to set up and easy on the eye, the CENTURION D10 industrial sliding gate motor has everything you’d expect from CENTURION. Add an LCD controller that can monitor diagnostics and set any function at the touch of a button and you’ll understand why you won’t need another gate motor for a long time.

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FAAC 884

884 MC 3PH 400V Gate Motor (3500KG) Industrial Capacity The 884 operator has been manufactured to handle the heaviest commercial or industrial-type gates in the simplest, most convenient way. Exceptional Support Strength The industrial design is guaranteed by the exceptional performance characteristics of the gate motor, which allows a frequency of 100% uninterrupted use for gates weighing up to 2000 Kg. Protection in Movement A corrosion-proof coating that is highly resistant to atmospheric agents, combined with IP55 protection of the operator, fully enhances the durability and safety for which FAAC electromechanical technology is renowned. Constant Safety Anti-crushing safety is ensured by an electronic device which adjusts the drive torque directly. Maximum Service, Minimum Maintenance Maintenance has been reduced and made easier with the ability to access the operator without removing the gate. Additionally, electricity consumption is minimised by the system’s outstanding mechanical efficiency. • Twin-disk clutch in oil-bath • Breaking device: reduces stop spaces and keeps the gate in the closed position • Steel housing protected by cataphoresis treatment and polyester paint

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Sleek, stylish, secure and strong: these are some of the words that describe the VANTAGE linear swing gate motor for domestic and industrial gates. VANTAGE gate automation comes standard with battery backup offers a quick and easy (not to mention good looking) installation. It is an exceptionally strong set of operators for gates up to 4m wide, per leaf (consult specifications for further details). Boasting tough-as-nails die-cast aluminium construction throughout, a grade 304 stainless steel wormshaft for the ultimate in reliability and durability and

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FAAC 400

Hydraulic operator Condominium and industrial swing-leaf gates • Large, robust operator suitable for gate leafs up to 7m. • Maximum anti-crushing safety thanks to an exclusive hydraulic device. • In case of power cut, the rotation of the (key protected) release device above makes it possible to open/close the gate manually. 400 SBS Long version with over 80% more torque than a standard 400 operator, ideal for more demanding applications.

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Sector II

SECTOR II – HIGH-VOLUME INDUSTRIAL TRAFFIC BARRIERS Introducing the heir to the throne of high-volume vehicular access control. With an updated look that perfectly matches its superior performance, an optimised design for the ultimate in ease of installation and boasting the awe-inspiring speed that made its predecessor king of the access control jungle, the SECTOR II is the embodiment of automation evolution.

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Automatic 24V Hybrid Barrier Safe performance and reliability The B680H has a Hybrid heart which, together with its “everlasting” springs, allows it to exceed 2,000,000 cycles of continuous use, raising an 8m pole in less than 6 seconds, in total safety, thanks to the reverse-on-contact feature. Removable housing The B680H has an internal load-bearing structure and an external removable housing. This design gives the system great stability and permits easy replacement of the housing. Extreme flexibility and optimisation of logistics One single model controls passages with a net width from 2m to 8m. Its modular boom pole makes the B680H a product which is easy to manage and handle. Full visibility and control of traffic The programmable integrated flashing traffic light connector guarantees perfect regulation of traffic, while the LED beam lights signal the closing of the passage even under conditions of poor visibility. Switching power supply The switching power supply, with high energy efficiency and extended range, ensures operation of barriers from 100V AC to 240V AC, protecting the system against any fluctuations in voltage occurring with non-optimal power supply systems. Integrated absolute encoder Absolute encoder kit for complete control of movement and reversing of the boom pole when an obstacle is detected, ensuring that pedestrian passages also comply with safety standards. “Everlasting” springs The springs of the B680H have been designed to exceed 2,000,000 cycles. Backup batteries Installing the XBAT 24 module (high-performance Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries), including battery charger, ensures the operation of the B680H even during a power failure: • 2,000,000 cycles thanks to the Brushless + Hydraulic motor and “unlimited” springs • Removable cabinet available in 4 colours or stainless steel • High logistic optimisation: a single barrier model suitable for all boom pole lengths

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G-ULTRA – The ultimate GSM solution With the G-ULTRA, your entire world fits into the palm of your hand, giving you complete control at your fingertips. This is the evolution of GSM technology, designed to offer you the ultimate flexible, mobile-based access control and monitoring solution and allowing you to transcend archaic notions of what GSM can achieve. Unbridled. Unchained. Unmatched. Ultra. Customisable for: • B & Bs and guesthouses – with flexible scheduling, time-barring and automatic activations • Complexes – 1500 user memory • Existing gate motors – open, close and intelligently monitor your gate status, all via your phone! • Access automation – control a plethora of access control devices including gate motors, traffic barriers and garage door operators • Miscellaneous security applications – be notified via SMS, missed call or email of alarm activations, electric fence triggers and mains power failures

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G-SPEAK ULTRA The G-SPEAK ULTRA promotes the ultimate in convenience and peace of mind by combining wireless GSM technology with CENTURION’s futuristic and stylish ULTRA interface. Infused with the DNA of innovation, the G-SPEAK ULTRA allows wireless communication between the user and the intercom gate station, effectively turning the user’s phone into the intercom handset.

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Full-height and waist-height turnstiles We offer a complete range of patented turnstiles and are able to customise to any requirement. Motorised turnstiles are also available. Our turnstiles offer amongst the lowest energy consumption levels in the industry helping our users to save on their energy spend from day one.

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CENTURION – A1400 Air AUTOMATIC SLIDING DOOR The first automated system for sliding doors designed to meet the needs of the market as well as protect our environment. Thanks to the system’s innovative “Energy Saving” device it identifies the direction of transit and perfectly optimises opening/closing times to avoid unnecessary air dispersion, even in the event of sideways transit. This device allows energy saving and optimises sudden temperature changes in the room and in the vicinity of doors. All in absolute safety. The A1400 Air features an ethernet interface for setting the operating parameters of the automated system and viewing the fault diagnostics with a PC connected to the network. The A1400 Air door automation system is customisable and modular to meet the architectural and technical needs of the customer. Thanks to the two different covers, the exclusive leaf fitting systems and the different leaf profiles that can be used, it is possible to create the best technical and architectural solution. Designed to operate at best in any condition and in any environment, the A1400 door automation system is the optimum solution for those technicians who wish to save assembly time, by rationalising the inventories for the end-user who will have full access to a product that is personalised, ecological, reliable, safe, technologically-advanced and, above all, that will pay for itself over time.

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J SERIES TRAFFIC BOLLARD An automatic bollard for intensive use easily installed and maintained offering excellent lifetime cost-efficiency. The drive unit is mounted within the cylinder; even the basic bollard comes with 12 built-in flashing LEDs, buzzer, emergency release and mechanical release. Foundation boxes are unique in that they are sectional, with a standard descent time of 3.5 seconds, and a rapid setting allowing a decent time of just 1.2 seconds. The bollard also boasts a gentle stop function to grant soft stop on limit switches. There is the ability to replace existing FAAC City bollards by installing the J Series bollard in the existing pit. The bollard can withstand traffic coming from all directions. The bollard has two fast connectors for low- and high-voltage for rapid connection/disconnection. In addition, limit switches for both the raised and lowered positions mean that the status of the bollard is known at any time. The FAAC J275 Fixed traffic bollard does not require either invasive laying operations or electric wiring. It is therefore suitable for permanent installations in order to define pedestrian areas, or for mixed installations together with other automatic or semi-automatic bollards.

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