Outstanding Young Security Professional

2022 Category 

This OSPA recognises a young security professional – that is anyone below the age of forty (there is no restriction on the number of years spent in security) – who has excelled in his/her early career performance. This OSPA will be awarded to someone who has made an impact in the area of private security, for example as an analyst/researcher, working for a security supplier and/or corporate security (rather than police/military). This could be in any area of security activity, as a student, in the workplace or a combination, but it will be someone who has made a difference and is laying the basis for an outstanding career in security.

To enter this category you will be asked to:

Describe the role of the young professional and the ways in which he/she has excelled. (500 words)

Provide details of the value added by the young professional and his/her impact in specific area or areas of security activity (inside the workplace and/or outside) highlighting the special qualities of the individual. (500 words)

The judges will be looking for evidence of outstanding performance in:

  • Discussing the work of the young professional and its relationship to security
  • Highlighting the ways in which the young professional is laying the foundations of a security career
  • Identifying the influence of the young professional on specific audiences
  • Providing examples of interest and dedication to improving security
  • Demonstrating how high performance will be sustained

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