Who Exhibits Smart Cities West Africa

Smart Cities and smart technologies are growing rapidly around the world and the efficiencies they provide in both productivity and security and widely known. By adopting more of these practices, urban areas and city planners in West Africa have the opportunity to speed up their development timelines while in parallel ensuring cost effective and sustainable practices are observed in the process. No where in West Africa are these opportunities more sought after than the metropolis of Lagos, which is why it's the perfect location to host the exhibition.

By attending the exhibition you will be able to see these technologies for yourself, speak directly with the manufacturers and understand how they can benefit your business and workplace.


Running alongside the exhibition will be a dedicated conference that will bring together the regions top industry thought leaders to discuss the important issues that are affecting the West Africa region and what new opportunities there are for the region.

Alongside the conference there will also be some more practical technical sessions run by service providers on the newest tools and techniques they have adopted to stay at the forefront of the industry.

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