How CISOs Can Effectively Measure and Report Security Operations Maturity

POSTED: 9th Jun

The 2019 World Economic Forum Global Report outlined the biggest global risks, ranking data theft and cyberattacks as the fourth and fifth top risks in terms of likelihood. Within the past year alone, more than one-third of US companies reported having suffered a data breach citing cybercriminals as the greatest data security threat, according to IDC. Clearly, data breaches remain a top concern for organizations as cybercriminals continue to mature and evolve their tactics.

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) should be aware of the type of hackers that are targeting their organization and the motives for attack. By understanding the result cybercriminals wish to achieve and why, security leaders can ensure that the proper capabilities for preventing, detecting and responding are modeled. Here are top recommendations by Security Magazine on what exactly a CISO should be measuring and reporting:

The CISO has to be aligned with core business objectives. Once a security leader is aligned with business objectives, they can properly measure the impact of a threat as well as the security program’s progress in reducing risk and increasing cost savings to the business. A CISO should be aware of their ability to successfully protect, detect and respond to threats in accordance with agreements based on an asset’s category, criticality, aligned function and business outcome. This assessment drives the scorecard of red, yellow and green to reflect the coverage over the most vulnerable, business-critical assets. A CISO must understand the time to detection, the time to response and the time to mitigation of a threat. Measuring the improvement of security operations maturity is centered around how effective an organization is at detecting and responding to threats.

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