The Year Resilience Paid Off, an interview with Michael Davies

POSTED: 17th Nov

The year resilience paid off

Business continuity has become top of mind for everyone over the recent months. Of all the things business leaders worry about back in 2019 that could impact business negatively, a pandemic must have been close to the last item on the list.

Unfortunately, prepared or not, we were hit with lockdowns, social distancing and a new set of rules, as well as more economic pressure on businesses in 2020 than we could have imagined. Many have had to close their doors and many others have been forced into retrenchments and drastically cutting back on spend.

2020 is the year when those who have been promoting business continuity and resilience finally got to experience their “I told you so” moment, although the moment was not nearly as satisfying given all that has happened. This year was the melting pot for companies as they were forced to innovate, invent and pull rabbits out of hats to survive.

Planning for these unexpected events is sometimes seen as a waste of time and money, but if one waits until disaster strikes to try to make a plan, it’s too late. To find out more about what business continuity options and services there are available to companies in South Africa and up north into Africa that want to be resilient when disaster strikes, Hi-Tech Security Solutions spoke to Michael Davies, the CEO of ContinuitySA (part of Dimension Data), a company that has been driving the business continuity and disaster recovery market for many years.

See the full interview conducted by our partners Hi-Tech Security Solutions here 

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