Who Attends

Visitors to the inaugural Facilities Management West Africa will come from a range of industries that are showing rapid growth in the region. This is due to the size of the population and the progress in urban development that it has seen in recent years. Nigeria alone is estimated to grow it’s population from 200M to 400 by 2050 (United Nations), with a high number of these predicted to live in urban environments.

Because of this there is a great demand for better quality office space and housing to cope with the increase in the buying power of citizens and the prospecting of large international corporations looking to take advantage of this increase purchasing power.

The opportunities for the facilities management sector to build their assets is growing rapidly and one that large overseas companies are now paying close attention to, as well as indigenous ones.

Visitors will be invited from the following sectors:


Office & Commercial Buildings


Property / Residential Buildings


Retail / Hospitality 


Construction & Infrastructure




Oil & Mining


Health & Education




Fire / Police & Army

The marketing campaign to target these sectors will use a multi-channelled approach to create numerous touch points with the leading buyers and managers across the supply chain. This will include; partnerships with associations, publications, media houses as well as direct calls to build qualified leads, digital advertising, radio advertising and press conferences to ensure that the event is known as one not to be missed.

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