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Company Profile

Victa Technologies Limited is a leading supplier of ID card printers and Accessories

Our ID card systems produce durable, high-quality, credit card style photo ID cards which are compatible with most security systems. We can help you specify cards with magstripe, barcodes, contactless chips, or smart cards.

To complement our ID card systems we offer a range of visitor management systems, both manual and electronic, to suit applications from schools to multi-tenanted buildings.

Along with our ID and visitor management systems, Victa technologies offers an extensive choice of ID accessories such as badge holders, clips, necklaces and lanyards, either plain or printed and personalized with your company information.

We have an unparalleled level of knowledge, a highly trained team plus thousands of products in stock allowing us to deliver what you need when you need it. We always endeavour to provide the highest quality systems and best service. Talk to us about your particular needs and we will help you to find just the right solution.


Victa Technologies Limited partnered with a host of Organisations and companies, namely Ultra Electronics card systems ,Magicard , one of the pioneers of ID card printing and IDTeck Access Control

Company Roots

We trace our beginnings to the year 2001, month of April; The Company was founded by Dr A. Taiwo, at a time when ID card technology was upcoming. Victa Technologies has been a dealer of Magicard products for over a decade and continues to lead in the ID card production business.

Global Scope

Magicard is one of the pioneers of ID card printing, having manufactured card printers since 1993. We differentiate ourselves by providing a quality product with enhanced card security features, and by providing the best support and warranty in the business.

Victa Technologies is a registered reseller of Magicard products in the region of Nigeria.

We’re focusing on technologies that improve our ability to offer the best type of identification technology possible. From visual security to biometrics systems, access control to facial recognition software and hardware. We are forever evolving.

Our Works

We recognize that the world needs all the security we can provide, in every potential form. That’s why our employees work daily to find newer, better ways to make your environments secure. What better way to do this than personal identification. We provide visual and non-visual means of ID card security. Fingerprint authentication, Facial Recognition, Holograms, Holokey, Smart card options and UV security. We do them all. Help us protect you and your Information.

The use of card technology in the world is growing beyond the traditional ID cards, drivers’ licences and military personnel cards, towards new credentials for homeland security, fire, emergency, schools, police services and various institutions. Victa Technologies offers the highest levels of security and card protection to help protect valuable credentials.

Our Products & Services

Victa Technologies provides various products and services, namely;

  1. Sales and Supply of ID Card printers, software and Accessories
  2. Access control and Time and Attendance Systems (CCTV surveillance and Access doors)
  3. Production of ID cards (i.e Hologram visual Security, Smart card Encoding)
  4. Sales and Supply of various specifications of ID card accessories (Card holder, Retractive reel)
  5. Production of customized Lanyards

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